Another fun week of 5am Coffees at the Beach

With the Sun just starting to think about rising, the silence of an early morning at Currumbin Alley is broken by the rasping of surf wax across the decks of surf boards and paddle boards. The everkeen lads and lasses almost sprinting across the sand to secure their spot in the lineup as that first light breaks across the waves and the eternal search for the perfect wave begins.

Dan in the coffee van knows what's next. The first "wave" of salty soldiers will emerge from the water in around 40 minutes as they sprint back to their cars and prep for their commute to the big smoke in Brisbane. This prep includes the essential travel partner in the form of an extra hot skinny cap, or a machiato with 3 or that soy mochaccino with just a little extra chocolate please :)

Over the coming hours more shifts will exit and new shifts will arrive as the constant stream of surf enthusiasts report back on how awesome the conditions were or how awful. Either way, they still need that coffee!

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