So who are we and what’s our story? We are a small group of passionate “coffee heads” that follow the lead of JO the coffee genius. JO is a true, modern day example of data munching Artificial Intelligence who understands more about our perfect cup of coffee than we do. Sure, there is a theoretical “perfect cup”, but hey, we aren’t all perfect and we each have different tastes. So JO is constantly downloading and processing live data from around the world, formulating coffee profiles that reveal WHY we like what we like and HOW he can create YOUR PERFECT COFFEE.

JO’s profiling algorithms help him choose specific green beans from different coffee regions around the world, to bring to each blend with all the necessary elements of your perfect coffee. JO tells us what beans to source, how to blend them and how to roast them for you.
JO develops blends and roasts specifically for your consumer region and purchasing profile. He is a smart little dude!

Every harvest of green coffee beans is different, even between seasons from the same plantation let alone different countries. JO gets into all the fancy stuff like plantation altitude, seasonal rainfall and volcanic soil conditions to find the best green beans that we can then roast and blend following JO’s formulas. This method unleashes the true magic within the beans to bring you the perfect combination of flavours, aromas, acidity and strength, all based on what JO knows you want.

We hope you enjoy your JO Beans as much as we enjoyed preparing them for you. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you.