We will happily grind your coffee to order if you can't access a grinder. To truly appreciate the best of your coffee however, you really need to start with whole beans. Pre-ground coffee loses its flavor quickly. If you don't have a coffee grinder, we think it's the best investment you could make for your coffee game.

Coffee grinders come in two basic forms: blade grinders, which use propeller-type blades that work like a blender, literally chopping the beans as they spin; and burr grinders, which use grooved discs that grind the beans like the interior workings of a pepper grinder.

Even though blade grinders are normally cheaper than the burr grinders, the ground results are uneven and poorer quality. We recommend you invest a little more in a burr grinder. You will lift your coffee game to the next level and never look back!

Grind Setting Grind Description  Brew Methods
Extra Coarse Grind contains large particles, but beans are still thoroughly broken up. Slightly larger than kosher salt. Cold-brew/Toddy
Coarse Grind contains distinct particles. Similar to kosher salt used for canning and pickling. Plunger (French Press)
Medium-Coarse Gritty, but no slivers of grinds. Similar to coarse sand. Flat-bottomed automatic coffee makers
Medium Feels slightly smooth when rubbed between thumb and finger. Slightly smaller particles than table salt. Filter (Pour Over)
Fine Smooth, but can still feel individual grains. Finer than sugar but not quite a powder. Espresso, AeroPress, Stovetop (Moka Pot)
Extra Fine Cannot feel individual grains. Powdered sugar or flour consistency. Turkish coffee