CENTAUR BLEND 500g - Strong & Punchy

Size: 500g
Grind: Whole Beans
Sale price$33.40


WARNING! - High caffeine content in this bad boy.  You asked for it and here it is. Our version of the strongest coffee in town!

A massive caffeine boost awaits without the bitterness. A punchy, earthy and dark blend of premium grade Robusta and Arabica beans to keep you rocking and rolling...
Roast Level Dark (8)
Caffeine Level High (10)
Body Medium (6)
Espresso Recipe 1:2 Ratio - 22 Seconds (excl pre-infusion)
Flavour Notes  toasty malt, cocoa, toasted plum, dark chocolate

Blend Origins India Cherry AB Robusta, Brazil Conilon Pulped Natural Robusta

Colombia Excelso - Santiago Perez Ataco - Cafe Casa Verde

PNG Asario AX


* Blend recipes and origins vary constantly based on availability, feedback and cupping profiles and are not limited exclusively to those mentioned above.

Specialty Grade Cupping Score 80.5


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Alan Kilty
A Wonderful Blend Of Coffee

A Wonderful Blend Of Coffee, Tastes Amazing Great Service By AIRJO Coffee Roasters